Fahrschule am Durlacher Tor - Inhaber Petrik Leske
Fahrschule am Durlacher Tor - Inhaber Petrik Leske

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"Fahrschule am Durlacher Tor"

Petrik Leske

Durlacher Allee 6

76131 Karlsruhe 



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Aufgrund der Landesverordnung des Landes BW müssen Fahrschulen vorerst bis zum 19.04.2020 geschlossen bleiben, d.h. keine theoretische und praktische Ausbildung.

 Es finden keine theoretischen und praktischen Prüfungen beim TÜV statt.

Wir hoffen auf Ihr Verständnis und bleiben Sie gesund!!!



Bürozeiten :

Dienstag bis Donnerstag

von 17 bis 19 Uhr








Unfortunately from 1.st of October 2018 we will not be able to instruct in english...We hope to change this situation as soon as possible.




Dear learner driver!

Welcome to our website! Here you find some brief information about our driving school as well as your options to get your driver's licence.
Please visit us and find out more!

You are already in possession of a valid but foreign driver’s licence and want to change it into a German one?
(Your foreign driver’s licence is only valid for 6 months after your taking up residence in Germany, starting with the date of your official registration of residence.)

In this case, you submit the application to the authority driving licencs office ("Führerscheinstelle" is in Steinhäuser Str. 22 (near the Europahalle), 1. Floor) and inform them that you have registered with our driving school or will do so soon.

Generally, you need a certified translation of your foreign driver's licence, a vision test which must not be older than 2 years, a biometric passport photo and a certificate of participation in a course called "immediate life-saving measures at the scene of the accident" ("Lebensrettende Sofortmaßnahmen am Unfallort").
We can give you the name of a low-cost provider of this course!
The driving licence office ("Führerscheinstelle") will tell you which other documents are required and can give you the addresses of some translation agencies. As you go to the Führerscheinstelle (driving licence office) you have to take someone with you, who is able to speak German and who will translate for you in any cases.

You do not have to attend any theory classes in our driving school; instead, you prepare for the exam independently.

You can take the theory test in 11 different languages, and you can also buy teaching materials in these languages from us!

If you want to take the theory test, get in touch with us. We will arrange an appointment for you.
Once you have passed the theory test, you should take practical driving lessons. Register with us so that your instructor can advise you.

You do not need the 12 so-called special driving lessons ("Sonderfahrten"), so you save money!

All the issues mentioned above do only apply if your current driver's licence is still valid!

Your driver's licence is no longer valid, or you have never had a driver's licence?

In this case, you have to attend theory classes (12 basic lessons and 2 class-"B"-specific lessons).
During this theoretical training (you can attend theory classes up to 6 times a week at our driving school), you can already take some practical driving lessons, too. It is even recommended to do so, because thus you can already apply theoretical knowledge to your practical driving lessons and your acquired practical knowledge will help you understand the theoretical lessons even better.

You have to take basic driving lessons and also 12 so-called special driving lessons ("Sonderfahrten").

We also have driving instructors who can teach you in English during your practical lessons.

Do you want to improve your German? Then we can recommend a good language school close to our driving school. Sprachstudio-wrobel

We look forward to your visit!
Your team of the driving school "at the Durlacher Tor"!

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